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DSR Series Fluorescent Soft Light

DSR Series Fluorescent Soft Light

DSR fluorescent soft light
Soft, even, smooth light field free of exposure of heat from the beam emission.
High light output from the luminaries with high efficiency reflector and barndoor.
High color rendering index (CRI up to 85-95). Optimum effects shall be expected when the luminary use halogen lamps.
High illumination of lamp tubes (70-80 lumens/watt) and longer lamp life (imported lamps rated no less than 10000 hours.)
Energy-saving components utilized to save electrical energy by 70%.
Lamp holders mounted meet international safety standards; imported electronic ballasts are used for lower noise and reliable operations.
Added dimming function optional with imported ballasts enabling a wide dimming range while maintaining a constant color temperature.
Ideal for lighting applications for medium and small-sized studios and conference rooms as well as news studio
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